WOW! A lot has happened since my last post

I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 years since my last post.

At that time, things were going pretty well, for me.

I had a stressful, unrewarding – but – good paying job. My family life was going reasonably well, You, my fans were reading my free books and liked them. I was starting to make slow but steady sales from some of my not-free books.

I was struggling to fit 26 hours of work and family into a 24 hour day, but overall things were going fairly well.

Then out of the blue, I lost my dad, my older brother, my job, nearly lost my house, and encountered some serious medical problems. All this happened within a 12 month period.

Needless to say, this series of events had a profound impact upon my life and state of mind.

I discovered that my boundless optimism had very definite boundaries.
I discovered that determination and self-confidence can only get you so far.
I discovered that “things” are far less important than family and friends.

I’m not saying these things to garner sympathy – although if you feel the urge to go out and buy copies of all my books I won’t try to dissuade you (grin).

I’m saying these things so that you know why I stopped writing for so long.
My mental state was not such that I felt I could deliver stories and tales of the caliber that I feel my readers deserve.

Only recently has my life stabilized enough to feel the desire to write again.

At the time my life fell apart, I had about 12 different stories in work. This included two stories in the lost in time/caveman series, another demon Lord story, two more mind control stories, and the second Miriam story.

As I review the stories from a distance of two years, some of them no longer make sense to me.

Some of the stories reference events that I never actually covered adequately in prior stories.

Some of the new stories no longer sing to me. I know, you’re shaking your head and wondering if I don’t need to get my head examined. When I’m writing a story, and it’s flowing the way I would like, I hear theme music in my head that helps keep me on track. For example, when writing “Waking Up Married…,” the music I heard in my head was the theme song from I love Lucy.

I know that I promised to deliver Miriam part two “Real Soon Now.”
Unfortunately, Miriam part two deals with some very deep and raw emotions that I cannot deal with at this time. This is not a spoiler. True or imagined, the emotions can be the same.

These other stories, including Miriam part two will be written. They will be published. I do not feel confident enough to predict a date for any of them right now. I wish I could.

I apologize for not updating you as to why the stories stopped.

I will try to keep you better informed on my writing plans.

I thank you for your continued support.



Amazon just Adult Flagged and Changed the Category to erotica for “Forced by the Cavemen”

Everything was fine and I foolishly decided to republish my ebook and change the categories now that I have a better understanding of the market.

It took longer than usual for Amazon to republish the ebook

Apparently it got published into the categories that I asked – because it was showing up in the top 100 best sellers in the new category. THEN sometime later, it was pushed out of the time travel category and into erotica.

Plus they Adult flagged it.So it will not show up in searches unless you specifically go to my author page or search on the book title. That prevents you from seeing it.

AND for my convenience — they don’t have the courtesy to tell you they’ve done this.

Or what the specific objection is.

AND unless you specifically know to ask, they won’t even admit the Adult Flag exists.

ForcedByTheCaveManDillonLostInTime_Cover169x275This is my ebook. Click on the picture — or — HERE if you want.

See if you think it is so horrible that it needs to be hidden from the general public.

Sigh. Here we go on another 2-3 week oddessy where I keep having to ask what is wrong and they tell me to rewrite and resubmit my book and they will see if it is ok now.


Adult flagging keeps the ebook from showing up in general searches.

I was stupid – I should have left the ebook as it was – I will know better next time.

I really hope that Amazon market share continues to shrink. If they get to the point where they start having to work with their authors instead of doormatting them, things will be better.

Premade and Special Made Ebook covers for sale.

I downloaded a lot of images over the past month and I will never use them all – so…

I am offering some eBook covers for sale — Appropriately enough, they can be found under the tab entitled … PREMADE eBOOK COVERS

If you want to buy one, I will change the title, author name, etc to suit your needs.

These are mostly simple one picture covers. If you want something more complex, we can discuss it and if I can’t make it for you, I will recommend someone who can.

I enjoy making the covers almost as much as I enjoy writing stories.

I will be adding more thumbnails of covers over the following weeks.

News about “Miriam – Breaking Free”

One of the first stories I published was called Miriam – Breaking Free. It is about a woman that hears deafeningly loud voices. She is put into a sanitarium because she cannot function in normal society.

Miriam was action/adventure/mystery/suspense/paranormal altogether in one tale. It had a number of plot threads, but since the story was from Miriam’s perspective, I intended to flesh things out as she discovered more information.

I ended the tale with a massive cliff hanger and had ideas for several immediate follow on stories.

The story didn’t sell at all. Then I made it free (everywhere except Amazon of course). After a few days one story was downloaded. After a while I quit checking on it and resigned  Miriam to the scrap heap of good ideas no one was interested in.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Miriam has eight reviews on B&N. Almost all of those are 4 and 5 star reviews.

I was blown away. All were demanding a sequel and chastising me for the cliff hanger ending.

That’s AWESOME. Thank you folks! Nothing pleases an author like praise and demands for more. And thank you for the constructive criticism, those of you that provided it.

There will be a sequel to Miriam. Even though it probably won’t sell either, I will fit it into my schedule somehow. If nothing else, I want to please my eight reviewers.

Thanks again folks! I love Miriam and want things to work out for her too.

Seriously, you guys have made my day!


How many ways can you describe sucking nipples?

Been working on several erotic stories at once – I’m a story hopping writer – I’ll write a while on one story and then have an idea for another. While I’m thinking about it I try to capture the scene or story idea. THe result is that I have multiple stories going at once.

I discovered that when I’m describing sucking on nipples in an erotic story, I tend to use the same or very similar words. I find myself struggling to describe it differently in each tale. It’s hard to do. How many different ways are there to suck a nipple. Hmmm. one of the mysteries of the universe.

Amazon Cover Creator, eBook covers, erotica, sales rank, Amazon blocking views of eBooks

As part of my ongoing e-publishing quest, I have listed some Amazon Cover Creator  pros and cons.

I also created an article about how the Visual Impact of the e-Book Cover can drastically affect sales. I have some bad/good cover examples based upon my experiences.

I also discovered the hard way that if you pick erotica as a category for your eBook, Amazon discards the other category selection. That is discussed here.

I found some charts on Author Rank vs guesstimated sales that I reference here

A few weeks ago several of my best sellers suddenly tanked. I could not understand what happened. I discovered that if I searched on my name, only part of my titles showed up.

It wasn’t that I was buried among a bunch of other books by similarly named authors.
I have a unique name, that is I’m the only author with my name on Amazon. I tried again on a friends computer with the same result.

I emailed KDP and asked if there was any reason why my books would not show up. I also spoke with someone at Author Central and they all told me everything was fine. I couldn’t understand it.

THEN, I discovered the Sales Rank Express tool. I used it to search for my name and the titles that were not showing up had an ADULT flag on them. This is different than the EROTICA category – you can have erotic books without an ADULT flag.

Hmmmm. I said — SO, I wrote back to Amazon and sure enough, they had slapped an ADULT flag on those eBooks. Post publishing. That keeps the books from showing up in searches UNLESS you go to the AUTHOR PAGE, OR you search on the exact book name. I negotiated with AMAZON KDP folks to make some changes to my tags and they removed the ADULT flag on one book. Next I sent a list of about six eBooks from as many authors with similar, if not worse content and asked why I got the special attention. They removed the ADULT rating from all but two of my eBooks (The Barbarian series).

SO – if your books aren’t showing up in searches – and you are writing about controversial subjects (erotica), you may have an ADULT tag problem.

I use the Search Rank Express for two reasons now – it lists your latest sales rank for all books and also tells you about the ADULT flag.

RANT!!! The Author Central Book Page Editor is totally frakked!!!

I just spent over 30 minutes futzing with the #*#*#*&_)*)_@*# Amazon Author Central Editor and it kept mangling my text. I just pasted in the same formatting that worked fine a few days ago. I gave up and tried to do it manually. Finally I gave up after another 15 minutes and just wanted to Bold a couple of lines and space the text so that it wasn’t scrunched up together.

The editor kept stripping out my page breaks and scrunching things together despite all my attempts to fix it. I discovered that double page breaks worked. It stripped out one and left the other.

This is totally EFFFING ridiculous!!!!!!!

I don’t have time to play “GUESS WHAT AMAZON CHANGED TODAY” when I am trying to make changes to update my product page or enter a new one.

If an author wants to put in breaks (<br/>) for example, which are supposedly supported according to the latest email I got back from AMAZON and posted. Then by gosh I want to be able to put in said tags without hassle and frustration.

I think that Every Executive at Amazon should be given the list of HTML tags that Amazon supposedly supports in Author Central and told to edit the book page description.

Without the aide of anyone.

They should not be allowed to quit until they had implemented a book page with all the tags, OR they decided to put priority on FIXING THE DAMNED THING so it actually works-ANDupdating the documentation so that it described WHAT to do to implement said tags. With pictures and diagrams.

I want the anointed one to witness the editor stripping them out and/or mangling them.

They are allowed to send emails to ask for support with a 24 hour turnaround and to call in anonymously without giving their name so they are treated to the same level of support as us peons “out there”.

I think they should have a special charge number for Editor support and watch how many needless hours are wasted by authors AND Support people that would not be necessary if the DAMNED thing was FIXED and properly documented.

If I need to use <B> or &lt;B&gt; then BY GOSH TELL ME WHAT TO USE!!!

Why do I have to buy a non-Amazon book to use basic features that should be documented?

Heck, if you’re only allowed certain tags, put the darned things on the editor bar (where the bold italics and bullet points are already) and make it simple.




Heck, Put a FREAKING button to allow people to select which one they want to use.


Amazon KDP HTML Tags supported as of June 2013

I received and posted a message about AMAZON KDP HTML TAGS SUPPORTED. The response was about as concise and clear as any I’ve received from Amazon. The response didn’t mention the CENTER tag but maybe that has been deleted. The Amazon Info doesn’t speak of the trick of replacing the “<” with “&lt;” and the “>” with “&gt;” for the HTML tags.

That is the standard  < h1 >  becomes &lt; h1 &gt;

I forwarded this message to Author Central asking for what tags they support. The response is posted at AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL TAGS SUPPORTED (For Editorial Reviews). The app note they reference is for editoral reviews, not the book description but presumably the same rules apply to both.

I still think it’s silly to have two different sets of rules, for KDP and Author Central. Especially since you cannot edit anything in Author Central without locking out the possibility of updating the KDP book description with a richer subset of HTML..

It also doesn’t mention that you have to use the compose — not the text window. for inputting the HTML coding in Author Central.

Oh well.

OMG!!!! Amazon made my eBook “Online Date: Lisa and Tom” FREE!!!

Yippee!!!! I just posted a rant about NOT being able to get Amazon to make some of my ebooks free that I had made free elsewhere and today I found that they made one of the 3 free.  I was floored when I saw that you guys had downloaded enough eBooks to make make my eBook #62 after one day.

THANK YOU!!!! And THANK YOU AMAZON!!!! Yippee!!!!

Go download a book — maybe get a couple for your friends if it will let you!!!

Seriously, I hope you all enjoy my e-book!!!! Thank you!!!!

Please leave a review if you can spare the time!!! That would be a big help.

Hmmm. Now if I could just sell as many of my other e-books as I’m giving away free … he says dreaming …. 🙂 🙂 🙂